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  1. Fantastic course! I learned a ton. It was a good mix of videos and articles. While going through the material, I made notes to help me grasp all the different components of the blockchain technology. Consider them suggestions to modify the flow of the course.

    Lightning network
    I found it helpful to go through this material *after* consuming the section on transactions since it lays the foundation for understanding how transactions and contracts are executed.

    Bloom filters
    I found the video you linked insufficient:
    As a more comprehensive replacement, I like this:
    And this article was confusing since they mixed BTC and ETC in the same array:

    Elliptic Curve Cryptography
    This material was perhaps the most confusing. I supplemented the existing video on your course with these two:
    Math and coding details:
    Signing and verification:

    FAQ: “What happens if your transaction is never confirmed?” 
    A more comprehensive answer is here:

    Future of bitcoin
    Atomic swaps compliments the Lightning network and can be an important part of the bitcoin future:

  2. Orientation towards Teaching and Learning. It matched my learning curve or style i.e. redundancy and learn by levels from simpler level to advance level to deep level. I am happy this course matched my learning style which worked for me.

    Despite of this resources chosen, shows how much amount of work they have put in selection of resources, diversity, and quality content.

    I believe it is missing applied learning (my belief), to apply learnings from this course one can use of one-two approaches or both while learning

    1. Trading cryptocurrencies or tokens
    2. Programming

    I am using the first approach. (as crypto prices are increasing)

    Thanks, Harsh Strongman and Sergio.

  3. Kudos to you guys for creating and helping people be a part of the community. Although Harsh with you being an Indian would want you to enlighten more on how are you buying ETH or BTC in the best way possible ? Is it through WazriX or do you use a Hardware Wallet ? If yes, where are you buying the coins from etc. since Fees are skyrocketing.

    Much respect,

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